Bizlinx Consultants specializes in simplifying social for your organization. That can mean working with teams within your organization to manage small projects, like a social media advertising campaign or a community management program. Or, it might mean owning all of your social media efforts while working closely with internal stakeholders to make sure all of your goals are met. Every client is a little different, but we offer a variety of different services that can be tailored for exactly what you need.

The very phrase social media marketing has a certain kind of ?energy? to it. Which our team provides involves connecting, interacting and succeeding together with your customers. If your business isn’t successfully engaging your audience on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other platforms, you are losing out on a fruitful marketing avenue and a wonderful opportunity for customer retention. Our social media team provides services which aimed at helping you listen in to what people are talking about you, how and when you can chime in, managing and directing those conversations, and the tactics that work best on each and every social media network that is appropriate for your brand or business.
Bizlinx Consultants have a team of social specialists and content creators work with you to unleash your brand?s potential in a complex social landscape. We do this through publishing content that resonates, finding relevant conversations for your brand and participating in the dialogue. In today?s world of social conversation, It is key for brands to take part in the wider discussion, whether you?re mentioned by name, or not. We start with tools that help us understand the volume and sentiment of the conversation happening across the social landscape. Our teams identify what your customers are saying, where they are saying it, and why they feel the way they do. This allows Bizlinx Consultants to join the dialogue in a thoughtful way that deepens relationships, educates consumers, builds advocacy, and, influences sales. Our natural and paid social media teams ensure that paid content is genuine and authentic to the audience and the platform at hand, seamlessly integrating with the organic content in the feed. But paid isn?t the only way to amplify. We recommend and execute a mix of amplification strategies, such as influences marketing partnerships, or pilot programs, that deliver the strongest results to the customers.